Welcome to Research Instruments NW. We are a small business that has been operating in the Mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon since the spring of 1999. The primary product that we manufacture and sell is the Ameroid Constrictor.

Ameroid Constrictors are used in surgical treatment when a Portosystemic Shunt has been diagnosed. The diagnosis of PSS is becoming more common as veterinarians, owners, and breeders are becoming more aware of the clinical signs.

Ameroid Constrictors are being used for gradual shunt ligation across the United States in many of the veterinary teaching hospitals at universities and in private practices. Internationally, we now provide Ameroid Constrictors to veterinarians in twenty-two countries.

You may order the constrictors directly from us via phone, fax, or email. Please see our Products page for further information about the different sizes available, prices, and options. Use our convenient Order Page to place your order — you may type in your choices to be printed, or print out the form and write in your choices by hand. Please print clearly. The form may then be faxed or mailed.

30094 Ingram Road • Lebanon, OR 97355 USA
Phone/Fax: 541-258-8086
eMail: researchinstrumentsnw@centurytel.net

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